Welcome to Your Guide to Deepening Connection

Are you longing for a deep, meaningful connection in your love life? Or are you curious about exploring and implementing ethical non-monogamy? Then you are in the right place. I offer coaching that is specifically tailored to your unique needs and goals.

You Are

If you long for an intense, loving bond with a partner but are unsure how to achieve it, you are not alone. Many people like you have had a long, monogamous relationship and are now open to new, deeper ways of connecting.

Longing for Deeper Connection in Love Relationships

Your Challenges

You feel a deep longing for meaningful love but find it difficult to connect with lovers fully.

Lack of Connection
Limited Communication Skills
Emotional Distress

You seriously want to communicate your emotions and needs in a transparent, non-violent way. Yet you keep ending up blaming and shaming.

You want to take responsibility for your inner world but jealousy and other complex emotions overwhelm you and sometimes seem unbeatable.

person standing on top of rock formation
person standing on top of rock formation

Three Ingredients for Lasting Deep Connection

Simple but effective techniques to create profound connections

Connect from the Heart
Communicate Clearly
Own Your Internal World

Knowing how to express yourself and hearing others is essential for healthy and sustainable relationships.

Understanding your thoughts and emotions and positively influencing them.

silver heart molder

Simon is passionate and sees the goodness in life and people


Simon radiates calmness. He is a sensitive person with an eye for his surroundings.

Patrick Joosten - Former Colleague

”You’ve got it! You are love and connection! You energize and inspire me, you beautiful human being!”

Peter de Ruiter - Fellow NLP Student

Simon has a talent for making people look at things differently.


Exploring Ethical Non-Monogamy?

Are you curious about non-monogamy but unsure where to start? Do you want to learn how to have multiple relationships without them detracting from each other? Interest in non-monogamy can lead to misunderstanding and disapproval from your immediate surroundings, and finding a network of like-minded individuals is not easy. Whether you are already in a relationship or seeking one, I can help you develop the skills and insights needed to integrate ethical non-monogamy into your life in a healthy and fulfilling way.

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What to Expect from Me?

I promise to guide you toward lasting deep connections with your (future) partner(s). I draw from a toolbox built over more than 10 years of experience in personal and spiritual development, including:

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP): A powerful neuroscience tool that helps us understand our brain and enables us to work with the subconscious to achieve our goals.

  • Tantra & Shamanism: Ancient wisdom related to all aspects of life on earth, with a particular focus on developing my own authenticity in relation to others.

  • Experiential Expertise: Extensive experience in deep loving connections, including ethical non-monogamous relationships (and some experiences with how not to do it).

  • Excellent Communication: Outstanding communication skills thanks to training as an NLP practitioner and work experience as a Social Worker.

Connect for Free!

person in gray long sleeve shirt holding persons hand
person in gray long sleeve shirt holding persons hand

What's on the Menu

Custom Trajectory

We will explore your needs and craft a custom trajectory around that.

shallow focus photography of red flower
shallow focus photography of red flower
Multi Session Punch Card

In 30 minutes we'll clarify what you want to develop and you'll receive personalized suggestions for activities.

Inspiration Session
selective focus photography of pink rose flower
selective focus photography of pink rose flower
a heart shaped light bulb hanging from a ceiling
a heart shaped light bulb hanging from a ceiling
€99,- per 75 minutes session
€444,- per 5 sessions
€77,- per session

Pay 5 Sessions forward and get a discount on your custom trajectory or use it as a punch card for loose sessions.

  • All sessions are online unless otherwise agreed upon.

  • You can choose to pay per session and start/stop whenever you want.

  • Sessions should be payed 24 hours before the scheduled appointment.